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01. Instructions Video

Use the videos to know what there are going on at your own CTSmall.

CTSmall ReBoot GSMSignal.
This is a normal working CTSmall, on a clean startup.
On every reboot here are rolling red/green flash in SYS led.
The 2x green flash in SYS led, indicate a normal boot. It can be other values too (diagnostic when there are problem).
The 1x red flash in SYS led indicate that the GSM module is started.
Then the GSM led start flashing for some time. You see the frequency for the GSM flash is changed after about 13x flash. The GSM module is now registered on the GSM network.
Then the SYS flash fast green. It indicate the GSM module is registered on the GSM network (same as the above for GSM led).
Then you see the normal 2 second flash in SYS led, for about 5 times (10 seconds).
Then you see some faster flash in SYS led (this case 5x), it show the GSM signal, and will be repeated every 10 seconds (the signal flash out will stop after 10 minutes).

CTSmall GSMSignal PowerOFF.
*This is a normal working CTSmall it will make 1x green flash every 2 secund. Every 10 secund it will flash out the GSM signal. In this case there are signal 4-5 (4-5 flashes). The signal flash out is active only the first 10 minutes. Thereafter SYS led will flash every 2 seconds.
*The 1x red flash in SYS led is when i cut the power to the CTSmall, it will flash 1x red every 5 seconds.

CTSmall Reboot GSM RegError.
GSM reg. error is typically caused by, your GSM provider, or a sim card without money, or with problems.
The red fast flash indicate the GSM module is turned on, now it start searching for signal.
The 2x red flashes (slow) indicate the module is searching for GSM network.
The 3x red flashes (slow) indicate the GSM provider deny the registration!
If the flash is 2x red every time, it can be real bad signal! (module is searching or waiting for GSM accept).
*If you CTSmall act in a typical way, you wont see any of the above flash. The module will connect to GSM network before any flash out is shown. It is only shown when there are long registrations delay.

CTSmall Reboot SIM Error.
The 1x red flash in SYS led indicate the GSM module is turned on.
Then there are blinking in GSM led maybe 5-20 times.
Then the red (fast) flash typically indicate some problem with the sim card, can be pincode, or other sim card problem.
All start again in a endless loop.

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