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3. GSM signal, Coverage problems, lack of status, and alarm SMS?

SIM card problem or GSM problem.

Specification for the GSM module and SIM card.

You must check the GSM signal in the status SMS (1234,Status) or on the SYS led.

Signal on SYS led:
The GSM signal must be stable with minimum 2 flash in signal strength.
The signal is flashed out on the SYS LED every 10 second. This only happens the first 10 minutes after powering up the unit. To get it flashed out, power off the main power, and power it on again. Wait for the unit to be ready on the GSM network.

Check CTSmall is sending and receiving:
The SYS LED are flashing green fast, when sending and receiving a SMS.
If there are any problem when sending a SMS, SYS LED will flash red.

Money on the SIM card is important.
If above is ok, check there are money on you account!

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