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3. Supported Brand (Heat Pump)

Supported Brand in your CTSmall

We suggest you use our free app: Download link:

How does the 'Brand' work with SMS?
  1. Before the CTSmall can work with a heat pump, it must be set up to know the right one.
  2. You must send a SMS to your CTSmall as: "1234,Brand" - Wait for the returning SMS.
  3. Find your heat pump in the list below (Heat Pump Name).
  4. Find the token in (SMS Brand Select) .
  5. Is the token in the SMS you got back from your CTSmall? If not, it will NOT support your heat pump.

  • Most easy way is to use our app to set it all up in once. Your CTSmall must have fw.1.5.0 at least to support it.

  • Examples: Your heat pump is an "General". Then send the SMS as: "1234,Brand,Fujitsu".
  • Examples: Your heap pump is an "Electrolux(NO Low Temp)". Then send the SMS as "1234,Brand,Elux1".

This can be confusing, but many heat pump use the same code, therefore we only have one Brand for the same in the SMS list.
If you are using our App then you see the real name!


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