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In order to get the best support, please be sure to describe your problem in detail!

We prefer a support request is written in Danish or English.

Please double check the following:
  • The SIM card must be unlocked (pin-code disabled). Use a mobile phone to disable the pin-code (we can not help you with it).
  • The SIM card must be working at GSM 2G with good coverage in your area (In Denmark, Oister and 3' wont work!).
  • The Brand in CTSmall must match your heat pump. Verify the Active Brand with a SMS: 1234, Brand
  • Our latest app is here.

Is your problem with sending or receiving an SMS?
  • Describe how the SYSLED is flashing at start-up, and over the next about 60 seconds.
  • If possible, upload a small video there show the flashing of SYSLED (Video upload).
Please take a look at our documentation, before opening a support request:

Regards Climatech.dk

www.Climatech.dk and www.CTSmall.eu | Support team.

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